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Ah, New Year's Day. You are so much better than New Year's Eve. New Year's Eve was spent in a weird funk, wherein I did not feel like doing anything and had to rally my strength to even go out for dinner with friends. As it is, I left before midnight, pleading general malaise. I was in bed just as 2011 was being rung in. 

But New Year's Day, well, that's different. New Year's Day involved cinnamon French toast and coffee, Craig Ferguson reruns, a long bath with smelly bath things and a book, cuddles with a cat, and later on bubbly. It has been a good day, and I hope the rest of 2011 reflects the day I had, and not the evening I failed to have.

My resolutions for 2011 are hopefully realistic enough that I can follow through on them.

  1. Take better care of my health. I make this resolution every year, but I slacked the hell off in 2010. I would like to get back on track with working out, and hopefully lose a little weight and become more healthy. I now have a family doctor, and seeing a doctor on a semi-regular basis has made me aware that I am woefully out of shape and have let some things slide, health-wise. The doctor is doing a lot of tests as part of my intake, and the results of the various tests will be in at the end of the month. I am slightly petrified about the results, because there is a family history of diabetes. While I am not very overweight, I do worry about getting it, too. I will also ask about booster shots for my immunizations, because did you know those things wear off? Just ask my co-worker, who spent the week before Christmas exposing me to WHOOPING COUGH. (I never developed pertussis, but I was very worried that if I had caught it I would pass it on to my immuno-suppressed friends.)
  2. Be more creative. I used to be a pretty creative person-- I used to write and draw and do crafts and all sorts. Now I really don't, and I  miss that creative outlet. I blog occasionally, and I wrote a fanfic that one time, but I don't really do much that's creative. I'd like to change that, so I have signed up for focus52, a 52-week creative project. Rather than do one thing, every day, you do one creative thing a week and post it to the flickr pool. It can be anything from writing to photography to cooking to blogging. It seems tailor made for a lazybones like me who wants to be more creative, but can't be bothered to do something every day. (Witness the 30 Days of Doctor Who meme that I gave up on two weeks in.) I bought a new camera last week (It hasn't arrived yet, stupid 3-5 day delivery), so I will probably spend some time goofing off with that and uploading to my new flickr account.
  3. Keep a neater house. John and I are messy people. Not dirty, just messy, in that we have a lot of clutter. I would like to reduce the amount of clutter, and develop better habits in that regard.
  4. Be more punctual. One of the nice things about my job is that I am left to my own devices a lot, which is fantastic. But without a lot of oversight, I have developed a bad habit: I am late, like, a lot. I've never gotten in trouble for it, because the other two people in my office are also chronically late, but it's not a good practice. I have been struggling with lateness forever, and I think it's time I finally do something about it. So on Tuesday, when I go back to work, I am leaving earlier. That's that.
  5. Learn to drive. This one goes on my list every year, and so far nothing has come of it. I've lived this long without a license, and most of the time not having one doesn't bother me. But it would be nice to finally be able to cross that off my list.
  6. Be better with money. I suck at money. I know how to get it, but I don't know how to keep it. I should probably get a handle on that before it's time to retire.
  7. Read more. I used to read 2-3 books a week. Now I have a hard time finishing one in a month. I have an entire Billy bookcase overflowing with unread books. Most are left over from my bookstore days, when I had a sweet discount and access to advance reader copies. There are probably more than a hundred books waiting for me to read them, and I am acquiring more books all the time. I bought 54 books in October. So I need to read more, or the books will take over.
  8. Give more books away. See above, re: 54 books in October. I hoard books. I read them, and then I keep them forever. I am going to try to give more books away, either by culling my collection and donating them or giving them to friends and relatives when I am done reading them.
  9. Learn to juggle. I really want to learn to juggle. 2011 is the year, baby.
That's only nine. I was looking for a tenth, but I think I covered everything.

I am looking forward to 2011. I think 2010 was a hard year for just about everyone, and I wish everyone a better year than the last.


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