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This time ten years ago, I was on a plane. 

I was flying from Edmonton to Montreal, via Chicago. I had two huge suitcases and a backpack containing all the stuff I hadn't had put in storage with a moving company, or pre-shipped to my best friend, whose back room I would be moving into that night. I had had a miserable three years in Edmonton. I had just lost yet another shitty job, and I couldn't face looking for another one in that city.  At the same time, my mother was sick, and possibly dying. What had started out as a Christmas trip home had turned into a move.

Cut for length, angst and hospital talk. But there's a happy ending, honest. )

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Merry Christmas everyone! I hope it has been great so far!

Christmas Chez Nous )

Today is also my eighth Mojoversary! Eight years ago today, my brother gave me a little bundle of chaos. Who knew that tiny kitten would grow up to become this:

Merry Christmas, Mojo the Hutt.

And Happy Holidays, everyone!
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It's Boxing Day here in Canada, and John and I are spending the morning relaxing before we head off to Montreal for work and/or family visits. (Work for him-- I managed to score the next few days off, and am avoiding the Boxing-Day shoppers.)

This was a good Christmas. We opened our stockings on Christmas Eve, and then I made a roast beef beast with red wine and a rosemary mustard crust, Yorkshire puddings, roasted potatoes and carrots, and a red wine gravy. There was supposed to be a (store bought) plum pudding for dessert, but we were too stuffed. The thing is still in the fridge, because we didn't get to it last night, either.

Santa brought us a king-sized duvet (which he cleverly bought at Sears for $40 while on lunch break from the bookstore workshop). We opened it Christmas eve, so we could sleep under it that night. In our stockings, we had much chocolate (Santa also went to Laura Secord and bought out half the store). John got a Stephen Colbert desk calendar, a DVD of that heartwarming Christmas classic, Die Hard, and a gift card to HBC. I also got many gift cards, the I Can Has Cheezburger? book and a new Earthchef chef's knife. The cats got some toys and treats, and a plastic thingy with bristles that you attach to the wall so they can rub against it. So far, Mojo loves it, and Butterscotch is indifferent. She'd rather lie on flattened wrapping paper.

Yesterday, John went for a Yuletide run through the park, because he won't get much chance to do it in Montreal, but it was cold and wet and slippery, so that didn't last long. I made Monkey Bread.  (NOTE: Next year, I am totally using store-bought bread dough. The bread did not turn out the way I wanted it to, and it took forever. The dough was too wet, and I think that's why it didn't turn out the way it was supposed to. It was still good, but not as sticky-bun like as it should be.) We opened presents and drank egg nog lattes and listened to Barenaked for the Holidays in front of the Ambient Fire DVD firelpace. I gave John two sweaters, some books, and stuff for the Wii, and he got me Tin Man, a gift card to buy a new pair of Chucks, a Wii game, Doctor Who series 4 and a Donna Noble action figure.

Later, our friend Michele came over, and we had a nice relaxing afternoon of wine and chat and a Doctor Who Christmas Special Marathon. We opened it with The Unquiet Dead, since it's about Christmas and has Charles Dickens and also Nine being awesome, and closed with The Next Doctor. Michele brought Tourtière and homemade cookies and we had Christmas crackers and those little chocolates filled with booze. We gave her an Earthchef skillet and a copy of The Bro Code, and she gave us DVDs of The West Wing and Gilmore Girls.

All in all, it was the perfect way to spend Christmas. Friends, good food, booze, and Doctor Who. Really, what more do you need?

Here's hoping that everyone out there in Flistland had a Happy Holiday! 


Dec. 18th, 2008 11:31 pm
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Christmas may be a time of Peace on Earth and Goodwill Towards Man and all that bullshit, but if I have to stay at work until 10:30pm sorting out cash problems ONE MORE TIME, I am going to go all Scrooge on someone's ass, and I don't care who gets caught in the path of my eggnog latte-fueled rage.

Ten. Fucking. Thirty. Nothing balanced, and my co-worker and her boyfriend (who does not work at the store, and had come to give his girlfriend a lift home) and I went over every single transaction to find the mistakes. In the end, we managed to get the credit and debit transactions sorted, but we were still over more than $50.00 in the cash. I have no idea what the hell happened. I swear, I almost cried.

Fun Fact #1: I don't get paid for the time spent counting the cash, so that hour and a half? GONE. Fun Fact #2: I start work at 9am tomorrow. It's almost midnight, and I am way too keyed up to go to sleep just yet.

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It's about 9pm on Christmas Day. My in-laws are here, we've had our roast beast, presents have been opened, A Charlie Brown Christmas has been watched, and we're all sort of relaxing. I'm uploading DVDs onto my computer so I can put them on my iPod, and I am trying very hard to stay away from Voyage of the Damned spoilers.

It's been a good Christmas! Last night, the husband and I went to our friend's brother's place, where we exchanged stockings (they were filled with assorted fun stuff from the dollar store. My contributions were frou-frou pens and satsumas. You never know when you'll need a satsuma to save the world with!)

We then had Christmas Eve Dinner with my friend's extended family, which was great. My friend comes from a bilingual family, and the in-laws (who don't speak much English) were there, so we ended up speaking both languages all night, although we mostly stuck to French. After dinner, a few of us went to watch The Christmas Invasion on a 65-inch plasma television. It was awesome. And very big.

This morning, my husband and I opened our presents. I gave him a bunch of stuff for his iPod, including a clock-radio dock. There was also a bunch of gift cards, some sweaters, and a new watch. He gave me a new Uglydoll, a pair of all-black Converse All Stars, a set of Knit Denise interchangeable knitting needles, and a Flight Control TARDIS! I also got a Captain Jack, so Team TARDIS is back together!

We also ended up getting a chocolate fountain from the in-laws. I am thinking that my New Year's Eve plans will have to change accordingly!

I hope everyone out there in Internetland is having a Merry Christmahannukwanzika! I know that so far, this has been my best one in years!
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Check out today's entry on the Doctor Who Adventure Calendar for a scene from Voyage of the Damned.

Not for the spoiler-shy, obvs.


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