syzygy_dw: (Ginger)
2011-01-01 05:31 pm


Ah, New Year's Day. You are so much better than New Year's Eve. New Year's Eve was spent in a weird funk, wherein I did not feel like doing anything and had to rally my strength to even go out for dinner with friends. As it is, I left before midnight, pleading general malaise. I was in bed just as 2011 was being rung in. 

But New Year's Day, well, that's different. New Year's Day involved cinnamon French toast and coffee, Craig Ferguson reruns, a long bath with smelly bath things and a book, cuddles with a cat, and later on bubbly. It has been a good day, and I hope the rest of 2011 reflects the day I had, and not the evening I failed to have.

My resolutions for 2011 are hopefully realistic enough that I can follow through on them.  )

I am looking forward to 2011. I think 2010 was a hard year for just about everyone, and I wish everyone a better year than the last.