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I just realized that I haven't posted on my LJ since August. Don't worry, I didn't die. I've just been incredibly busy! I still love you! However, I don't think I'm ever going to get around to writing a full entry about the last day of WorldCon. Sorry, I know you were all waiting on the edge of your seats. Here are the Cole's Notes:
  • I completely failed to learn how to make balloon animals. (Seriously, Paul Cornell said my dragon looked like the herpes virus);
  • I went to a bunch of panels and the closing ceremonies
  • The Dead Dog party was a lot of fun
  • I drank a very foul substance which turned out to be Austrian "rum"
  • My friend Capucine gave me beautiful henna tattoos:

Capucine did the other arm, too, but I can't find the picture. For those of you in the Montreal area,
her website is here. She does wonderful work.

In short: WorldCon was awesome, and I was very sad when it was over. My only complaints were that the panels were often badly scheduled, the dealer's room was rather sparse (and why didn't they have a comics distributor? There were about half a dozen comics artists on the guest list, including the guest of honour himself!) and the con could have used a dedicated media room for movie screenings and general slothfulness. But other than those tiny issues, it was a fantastic experience, and I'd love to do it again!


Although I've been posting comments around the series of tubes, I haven't quite had the energy to write a full entry about the goings-on chez moi. In September, I started a second part-time job teaching English as a Second Language. Around the same time, I also started taking a French class. It's on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 6:30-9:30. Plus, I'm still working at the literacy organization. My schedule is so complicated that I have a whiteboard calendar on the fridge to keep track of it all.

Luckily, it's not all work. The weekend before last was Real Canadian Thanksgiving, and John and I went to [ profile] katiki7 's brother's place for barbecued turkey and Wii. Last weekend John and I celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary. John bought me an iPod Touch for an anniversary/early Christmas present, and I've been having fun playing with it (ZOMG, there are apps for EVERYTHING). I got him some lovely lambswool sweaters, and he inherited my 3rd Gen iPod Nano. He has named it Mork (nano nano!), so I named mine Mindy. This weekend I'm going to a literacy volunteer conference in Montreal, and the weekend after that my best friend Marty is coming to visit. He's bringing a few friends, and we're going to the QC's only gay bar for Halloween lulz. There's going to be about 10 of us. Being the GQMFs that we are, we're all kicking it old school with original series Star Trek uniforms, complete with short skirts, kicky boots and 60's hair. I am trying to convince one of our friends to paint herself green and go as an Orion slave girl. (Pictures will be forthcoming.)

Somewhere in all that, I also managed to cut my hair short and turn 34. It's been busy, is what I'm saying!

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Things making me happy these days:

  • My husband, who is a newscaster on a certain Canadian public broadcasting radio station, recently managed to hide a Doctor Who reference in a story about wolves stealing calves from farms. "Farmers in the Abitibi have a Bad Wolf problem..." He waited until he was sure I would hear it. He's the best.
  • I bought this Muppet Show lunch box in Old Quebec. It's pretty much the awesomest thing ever. And yes, I take my lunch to work in it. All the other kids my co-workers are so jealous.
  • The weather here has been pretty fantastic, which has meant a lot of sitting around drinking sangria on the patio.
  • I go on two weeks' vacation as of Sunday. Even more sangria/patio action.
  • Strawberries. Mmmm.
Things making me not so happy these days:

  • I made the mistake of wearing a top with an empire waist to work today, and a customer said, "Oh, you have a bun in the oven!" My oven is currently bun-free. But thanks for making me feel bad about my weight, lady. I'm never wearing that shirt to work again.
  • I had a follow-up doctor's appointment for my ongoing sinus problem. I am having surgery on Sept 25th to correct my slightly deviated septum.
  • My mother wants to come up and visit this September for our birthday (She and I have birthdays two days apart). She plans to bring my dad with her. That'll be fun.
The good things outweigh the bad things, so I'm calling it a win.


Feb. 28th, 2008 12:25 am
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Look what we just bought!

The bottom one is ours. And three weeks (and $10 000 worth of renovations) from now, we'll be living there!

To give you some perspective:

We went to the notary's office Wednesday night, signed a pile of paper, handed over a cheque for a large amount of money, and picked up our keys. Then we had champagne and pizza with two of our friends, sitting in patio chairs in our empty living room. We called it our "House Defrosting". The House Warming  will be in April, once we have furniture and stuff.

I still can't believe we own our own home. For a kid who lived in rentals her whole life, it's overwhelming. It doesn't feel real, yet, although I'm sure it will once we make the first mortgage payment.
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I am a klutz. This is obvious to anyone who knows me for more than 0.0005 seconds. I have tripped over lines in the sidewalk, sprained my ankle falling off my own shoe, burnt my hand on the element inside the toaster oven, and just this morning I collided with a very pointy acrylic book display. I am a walking disaster.

But I pale in comparison to my wonderful, but jeopardy-friendly, husband. Here's what he just said to me.

Him: I am very talented.
Me: Yes you are. What did you do that was so wonderful?
Him: I am the only person who could be working at a worktable with not one, not two, but four knives... and cut myself open on the lid of a cat food can.
Me: You are a god among men, honey. And I am so blogging this.

For the record, he has also:
  • Been hit by a car "five or six" times*,
  • Ended up in the ER after walking though a glass door,
  • Broken the same elbow twice by falling on the ice,
  • Been clotheslined across the throat by barbed wire,
  • Slipped down ice-covered stairs and concussed himself on a concrete slab,
  • Had a second-degree sunburn,
  • Had a stick shoved (far) up his nose while playing hide-and-seek,
  • Been stung by a nest of hornets.

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Oh, happy day! My box set of Doctor Who Series Three has finally arrived! I had a hard time getting it, because for some reason the DVDs didn't get to stores on time in Quebec. At first I thought it was a Quebec City thing (It can sometimes be hard to find genre stuff here), but I was in Montreal at the beginning of November, and nobody had it there, either. I finally ordered it from, since the price was better than, but it took forever to get here (almost three weeks). Meantime, of course, stores here finally got it, so every time I went to HMV, there it was, taunting me, saying "Ha, ha, you could be watching me right now, but you were impatient! See where it got you!"

But it's here now, so whatever! And it was $20 cheaper than in Canada! Worth the wait, in my opinion. I've already watched disk one, and am about halfway through disk two. I loved Freema Agyeman's tour of the Doctor Who set, and the video diaries are pretty fun. My husband got sushi take out, and we had a great time listening to the commentary to The Runaway Bride.

In non-geek news, my Christmas shopping is almost done, my best friend Marty is coming to visit me this weekend, I got a wicked new haircut, and my husband and I have started the ball rolling on buying our own place! We're pre-approved for a mortgage, with a really good interest rate, and already have an agent and a few condos lined up. Our main impetus for moving is the noisy upstairs neighbours, who simply don't seem to get that there are people living under them. So one of our main criteria is a top-floor flat, but we've seen a posting for a nice one on a ground floor that we both really like, so we'll see.

I'm really excited about owning my own place, because my entire life has been spent in rentals. My parents never owned their own home, and I've rented since moving out on my own almost 10 years ago. I'm a little scared, too, because this is one of those big steps into adulthood, isn't it? I still don't feel grown up. It's still weird when I realize that I'm 32 and have been married for five years.

And then I remember that most of my Christmas presents will probably be toys, so I'm a little less weirded out.


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