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This time ten years ago, I was on a plane. 

I was flying from Edmonton to Montreal, via Chicago. I had two huge suitcases and a backpack containing all the stuff I hadn't had put in storage with a moving company, or pre-shipped to my best friend, whose back room I would be moving into that night. I had had a miserable three years in Edmonton. I had just lost yet another shitty job, and I couldn't face looking for another one in that city.  At the same time, my mother was sick, and possibly dying. What had started out as a Christmas trip home had turned into a move.

Cut for length, angst and hospital talk. But there's a happy ending, honest. )

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Look at that. Isn't it gorgeous? That is the Hemnes dressing table from Ikea. It comes with approximately eleventy-squillion parts, none of which are marked. My husband and I spent all afternoon putting ours together. We were on the home stretch, putting the tracks on the drawers, when I realized something: I had put the drawers together wrong. All three of them. I had the side pannels facing the wrong way, so now the holes the tracks are supposed to screw into are inside the drawers. Simple to fix, right? Just take apart the drawers. But the tricky thing about Ikea is that once you put something together, it is next to impossible to disassemble it again (on purpose, anyway). For some insane reason, the drawers are held together with plastic pegs with barbs on them. Like regular screws wouldn't have done? I can't get them out. I've tried everything. They are stuck in there. These are the most solid drawers ever.

Anyway, I after about half an hour of trying to get the stupid pegs out, I decided to just drill new holes, using the tracks themselves as templates. Wouldn't you know it, both of my drill batteries have died! Neither will hold enough charge to drill butter.

So now I have to go buy a new drill battery. I needed to get one, anyway. But if I hadn't been so impatient, the bureau would be finished now, and my clothes would be put away. Instead, there are bureau parts everywhere, my clothes are still in piles all over the place, and it'll be another day or two at least before I can fix this. So let this be a lesson to you all: Make sure you read the instructions properly. Some mistakes can't be fixed so easily.


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