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For the first time in over a decade, I have Nintendo Thumb, a condition caused by too many hours playing with the Wii. The latest addiction is some pinball thing my mom got me for Christmas. I used to love pinball, and I had various video game versions. Mom apparently remembered this, and decided to renew my obsession. Thanks, Mom! I have sort of put Super Mario Galaxy on ice for a while, since that stupid little plumber has been pissing me off a lot lately. He just keeps dying! It's unbelievable. But John and I have been playing Wii Boxing the last few days, and my shoulders are nicely sore.

This has been a week of less-fun injuries. I cracked yet another toe into a wall the other day, and it is still black and blue, although not as bad as it was the other night:

The next day, as I was crossing the street, I slipped on some ice on the median and went down before I knew what was happening. I landed on my tailbone and my right hand. As if it was planned, two guys grabbed an arm each and hoisted me up, and then continued on across the street. I thought I was fine, but my ass still hurts. I also managed to close a drawer on all the fingers on my left hand. And I hurt myself sneezing.

You know, if Twilight wasn't so fucking God-awful, I could almost sympathize with Bella Swan. Her one Mary-Sue flaw* is that she's superhumanly** klutzy. I can totally relate to that. Thanksgiving weekend I managed to injure myself clockwise. (Smashed toes on left foot, cut left thumb on food-processor blade, burned back of right hand on oven, smashed right baby toe.) I have never been what you would call graceful, and have been known to trip over lines cracks in the sidewalk, and once I sprained an ankle falling off my own shoe. (Never run for the bus wearing Big Gay Shoes.)

*Mary-Sue flaws are almost always cute and endearing.

**Not as klutzy as John, though!
Nobody is as klutzy as John.


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