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From [ profile] shaxophile, the "Resistance is futile" meme: You leave a comment saying, "Resistance is futile."
  • I respond by asking you five questions to satisfy my curiosity.
  • You update your journal with the answers to my questions.
  • You include this explanation in your post, and offer to ask other people questions.
What's your Halloween costume this year?

Well, that one's easy:

I'm the one in blue who isn't Spock.

We were so awesome, we were finalists in the costume contest! (Alas, we did not win-- a haunted tree from The Wizard of Oz did.)

Describe your ideal Doctor Who companion.

Donna Noble. Donna had it all. She was fun, funny and smart. She had the Doctor's back, and was a true friend. She was brave, and was capable of making good decisions. She didn't take the Doctor too seriously, and knew when to take him down a peg or two. She loved him, but wasn't in love with him. She showed true character growth-- she went from screechy and ignorant to curious about the world, and she became the most important woman in the universe. She overcame many of her insecurities, and became a better person. The Doctor was her catalyst for change, but the potential was always there. I like to think that even without her memories, she's living up to that potential.

Donna is a tough act to follow. Amy Pond has her work cut out for her.

What's your favourite fandom, and why?

I love Doctor Who fandom, but I was born a Trekkie, and it will always be my first love.

I got involved in fandom when I was 17 because of Star Trek, and I love how the new movie has created a whole new generation of Trekkies. I'm a member of [ profile] ontd_startrek , and I think most of the members of that comm came into the fandom because of the film. But the movie was a gateway for them-- through it, they're discovering and loving TOS, the delightful 80s-ocity of The Next Generation, Sisko's awesomeness on DS9 and even Voyager and Enterprise. They love Shatner, and think 60s Nimoy was sex on legs. I love that Star Trek is cool again. Take that, bitches from high school! You thought Trek was just for losers? The President of the United States is one of us!

Last night, when my friends and I were at the bar in our groovy 60s Trek costumes, we had people giving us the Vulcan salute all over the place. People loved our little landing party!

Desert island. One book. (And it's not The Inflatable Book of Edible Plants.)

Oh damn, because that was first on my list.

I guess it would have to be my giant copy of The Yale Shakespeare. It contains the complete works of Shakespeare, plus a bunch of essays. I'm not just saying "Shakespeare" to sound smart. The book will have practical uses. I could spend years reading it, and never finish. Plus, it's really big. I could use it as a lean-to, as a weapon to fend of ferocious animals, or even a raft to get off the desert island.

What's your favourite part of living in Quebec?

Quebec City has an undefinable quality I've never experienced in Montreal or Winnipeg or Edmonton. When we first moved here, we lived in a 350-year-old house, in the heart of the old city. Every day, I walked through an area steeped in history. You couldn't turn a corner without coming across some historical site. This city is also full of nature. I currently live off of Grande Allée, one of the main streets in my part of town. It runs from the walls of the old city along the Plains of Abraham, and it's lined with big old trees. This city is full of trees and nature, more so than any other place I've ever lived in. The pace of life is slower here-- traffic is minimal, unlike in Montreal where gridlock could last hours. Crime is low, and it's just a nice place to live.

Your turn. Post "Resistance is Futile" in the comments, and I'll ask you questions!

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This afternoon, I correctly named the episode of Star Trek TOS one minute into the teaser-- without dialogue, as the TV was muted at the time. 

My husband is duly afraid.

(It was The Corbomite Maneuver, BTW. I knew this because Uhura was in a gold uniform, so it had to be pretty early in the first season. She wasn't in the first episode, Where No Man Has Gone Before.)

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Watching about eleventy billion episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation, that's what. It's interesting how the episodes that were kinda shit 20 years ago are still kinda shit, but that the ones that were good are still really, really good. The Inner Light still makes me cry, dammit.

Star Trek
was my first fandom-- hell, watching Star Trek with my dad is my first memory! I was maybe two, and I can clearly remember Uhura's red uniform. Over the years, I've drifted away from Trek. I've never stopped loving it, but it's been a long time since I've really enjoyed it. I've been watching reruns of all the shows on SPACE, and it's bringing back memories of being 12 years old and waiting breathlessly for 7pm on Saturday to finally get here.

I'm thankful for the latest movie for rekindling my love of this show, and reminding me why I am a geek in the first place.


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