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Day 09 – A Who-Related Photo That Makes You Angry/Sad

This makes me both angry and sad.

It makes me sad, because Donna was going to travel with the Doctor forever, knocking about the universe with her best mate, and now she can't even remember him or her brain explodes. She was once the most important person in the universe, and now she's back to being the shallow, oblivious Donna from The Runaway Bride. Her whole family has to tiptoe around her for the rest of her life, and she walks around with holes in her memory. All those experiences were stolen from her.

It makes me angry, because Russell T Davies essentially ruined the character*. He sent Donna on an amazing journey, where she learned and grew and became awesome, and reset her to her old self. Why did all her memories have to be taken? Why not just block off the memories pertaining to the metacrisis, since those were the ones causing the problems? The whole thing was cruel and unnecessary, and it makes her journey mean nothing. I think I would have preferred that Donna died, because her death could have had meaning. I know he was going for tragic, here, but this wasn't tragic. This was just a waste.

I can't even watch Journey's End, because it makes me so angry, and I sometimes have a hard time watching the rest of Series 4, because I know what's coming.

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*He didn't exactly do wonders for the Doctor here, either. There's something a bit squicky about the Doctor forcing his way into another person's mind, while she begs him not to. That he's doing it to save Donna's life doesn't make it any better.

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