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This time ten years ago, I was on a plane. 

I was flying from Edmonton to Montreal, via Chicago. I had two huge suitcases and a backpack containing all the stuff I hadn't had put in storage with a moving company, or pre-shipped to my best friend, whose back room I would be moving into that night. I had had a miserable three years in Edmonton. I had just lost yet another shitty job, and I couldn't face looking for another one in that city.  At the same time, my mother was sick, and possibly dying. What had started out as a Christmas trip home had turned into a move.

Cut for length, angst and hospital talk. But there's a happy ending, honest. )

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It's well past two in the morning, and my friend Marty has gone to bed. I'm sitting on his sofa in Montreal, checking the bazillion posts on my flist from his laptop.

I'm here until Wednesday morning, filling up on as much Montreal as I can, so I can bring it with me back to Quebec City. I miss this place so much. As much as I have grown to love Quebec City, Montreal will always be the place I think of when I hear the word "home". So much has changed since I moved away. Concordia University has two new buildings, LaRonde has a new roller coaster, the transit system is getting a makeover (mostly with how you pay-- it's going electronic now), and there are little things here and there that remind me that I don't live here anymore. And yet, it's still Montreal. Crazy, noisy, dirty, smelly Montreal. I love every inch of it.

Marty and I went to visit a friend of ours who just bought a condo. It's gorgeous, and I am jealous. Then we had dinner, and went to the Village. Ste-Catherine Street in the Village has been turned into a pedestrian walkway for the whole summer, and we met a bunch of Marty's friends (who are all awesome), and went dancing. I was the only woman at the club we went to, but the men didn't seem to mind me being there. We had to leave early, though, because Marty has to work today. I'm too keyed up to sleep just yet.

In the morning, after Marty leaves for work (and after I've had some sleep), I'm going downtown. I think I may go to a museum, something I almost never did when I lived here. I don't have any real plans until the evening.

I have really needed some time off. These last few weeks have been so rough. I'm glad a scheduling snafu has given me six days off in a row, because I'm burnt out. Coming here, seeing my friends and reconnecting with this place-- it's just what I needed.
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It's raining outside my apartment window right now. Rain in January never really bothered me. It's inconvenient, because there's slush and muck, and sometimes a thin veneer of ice will form, making walking difficult and causing drivers the added inconvenience of having to chip their car doors open. The trees look like they've been coated with glass, and when the sun shines, the whole world glitters.

But now, for Montrealers, rain in January makes us wonder if we'll have another Ice Storm like the one in 1998. )


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