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Last week, my mom took me shopping for a food processor as a combination birthday/anniversary/housewarming gift. I picked a KitchenAid 7-cup processor. Due to a few issues I had with the machine, I ended up exchanging it for the 7-cup Cuisinart. Although the KitchenAid works very well, and has a really handy extra work bowl for small jobs like chopping herbs, my main concern was the fact that it lacks any real versatility. Aside from a chopping blade (and a smaller one for the smaller bowl), the reversible 2mm slicing/shredding disk it comes with is the only one available for it. I don't get that. Why 2mm instead of 4mm? Who needs paper-thin slices of everything? Making only one (almost useless) disk for a machine with so much potential is like putting a Ferarri engine in a golf cart.

The Cuisinart comes with a 4mm slicing disk (which is the standard one that comes with all their machines) as well as a shredding disk, a chopping/mixing blade, and a dough blade, and bonus, there are plenty of other disks available. Plus, if I decide to upgrade to a larger model eventually, the same disks will fit the 11-cup Cuisinart. Unlike the KitchenAid, which is a stripped-down version of their 12- and 9-cup processor, the Cuisinart doesn't lose any functionality because of its smaller size. It really is a smaller version of the 11-cup model, which is perfect for people like me who have limited kitchen space and don't need to feed a family. I am much happier with the Cuisinart, and I'm glad I made the switch.

So, introducing the newest member of the household, Mr. Roboto*:

I've already chopped a bunch of stuff with it, and made Internet Bread (aka Jim Lahey's No-Knead Bread). Tonight, I made one of my oldest and most beloved recipes: The Pie.
*A food processor is a "robot culinaire" in French. How awesome is that?

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John and I are celebrating our sixth wedding anniversary this coming Sunday. Every year, I make a cupcake version of our awesome chocolate-ginger wedding cake. I made it as a layer cake on our second anniversary, but the cupcake version has been the most successful.

And so, in honour of our anniversary, and because it's chocolate, I will share them with you.

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Chocolate covered jujubes are possibly the best candy in the known universe. Oh my god.


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