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This time ten years ago, I was on a plane. 

I was flying from Edmonton to Montreal, via Chicago. I had two huge suitcases and a backpack containing all the stuff I hadn't had put in storage with a moving company, or pre-shipped to my best friend, whose back room I would be moving into that night. I had had a miserable three years in Edmonton. I had just lost yet another shitty job, and I couldn't face looking for another one in that city.  At the same time, my mother was sick, and possibly dying. What had started out as a Christmas trip home had turned into a move.

Cut for length, angst and hospital talk. But there's a happy ending, honest. )

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Things making me happy these days:

  • My husband, who is a newscaster on a certain Canadian public broadcasting radio station, recently managed to hide a Doctor Who reference in a story about wolves stealing calves from farms. "Farmers in the Abitibi have a Bad Wolf problem..." He waited until he was sure I would hear it. He's the best.
  • I bought this Muppet Show lunch box in Old Quebec. It's pretty much the awesomest thing ever. And yes, I take my lunch to work in it. All the other kids my co-workers are so jealous.
  • The weather here has been pretty fantastic, which has meant a lot of sitting around drinking sangria on the patio.
  • I go on two weeks' vacation as of Sunday. Even more sangria/patio action.
  • Strawberries. Mmmm.
Things making me not so happy these days:

  • I made the mistake of wearing a top with an empire waist to work today, and a customer said, "Oh, you have a bun in the oven!" My oven is currently bun-free. But thanks for making me feel bad about my weight, lady. I'm never wearing that shirt to work again.
  • I had a follow-up doctor's appointment for my ongoing sinus problem. I am having surgery on Sept 25th to correct my slightly deviated septum.
  • My mother wants to come up and visit this September for our birthday (She and I have birthdays two days apart). She plans to bring my dad with her. That'll be fun.
The good things outweigh the bad things, so I'm calling it a win.
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I am a klutz. This is obvious to anyone who knows me for more than 0.0005 seconds. I have tripped over lines in the sidewalk, sprained my ankle falling off my own shoe, burnt my hand on the element inside the toaster oven, and just this morning I collided with a very pointy acrylic book display. I am a walking disaster.

But I pale in comparison to my wonderful, but jeopardy-friendly, husband. Here's what he just said to me.

Him: I am very talented.
Me: Yes you are. What did you do that was so wonderful?
Him: I am the only person who could be working at a worktable with not one, not two, but four knives... and cut myself open on the lid of a cat food can.
Me: You are a god among men, honey. And I am so blogging this.

For the record, he has also:
  • Been hit by a car "five or six" times*,
  • Ended up in the ER after walking though a glass door,
  • Broken the same elbow twice by falling on the ice,
  • Been clotheslined across the throat by barbed wire,
  • Slipped down ice-covered stairs and concussed himself on a concrete slab,
  • Had a second-degree sunburn,
  • Had a stick shoved (far) up his nose while playing hide-and-seek,
  • Been stung by a nest of hornets.

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It's about 9pm on Christmas Day. My in-laws are here, we've had our roast beast, presents have been opened, A Charlie Brown Christmas has been watched, and we're all sort of relaxing. I'm uploading DVDs onto my computer so I can put them on my iPod, and I am trying very hard to stay away from Voyage of the Damned spoilers.

It's been a good Christmas! Last night, the husband and I went to our friend's brother's place, where we exchanged stockings (they were filled with assorted fun stuff from the dollar store. My contributions were frou-frou pens and satsumas. You never know when you'll need a satsuma to save the world with!)

We then had Christmas Eve Dinner with my friend's extended family, which was great. My friend comes from a bilingual family, and the in-laws (who don't speak much English) were there, so we ended up speaking both languages all night, although we mostly stuck to French. After dinner, a few of us went to watch The Christmas Invasion on a 65-inch plasma television. It was awesome. And very big.

This morning, my husband and I opened our presents. I gave him a bunch of stuff for his iPod, including a clock-radio dock. There was also a bunch of gift cards, some sweaters, and a new watch. He gave me a new Uglydoll, a pair of all-black Converse All Stars, a set of Knit Denise interchangeable knitting needles, and a Flight Control TARDIS! I also got a Captain Jack, so Team TARDIS is back together!

We also ended up getting a chocolate fountain from the in-laws. I am thinking that my New Year's Eve plans will have to change accordingly!

I hope everyone out there in Internetland is having a Merry Christmahannukwanzika! I know that so far, this has been my best one in years!


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