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Happy Valentine's Day!

(Follow the fake cut for Valentiney goodness!)

That's a lot of love, you know.
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John and I are celebrating our sixth wedding anniversary this coming Sunday. Every year, I make a cupcake version of our awesome chocolate-ginger wedding cake. I made it as a layer cake on our second anniversary, but the cupcake version has been the most successful.

And so, in honour of our anniversary, and because it's chocolate, I will share them with you.

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Today I washed our bedding, and our duvet was still damp when John went to bed. I've been using an old quilt and a blanket on the sofa bed in the living room this week while I recover from the surgery, and I offered him one of those. He said no, he didn't need a blanket or anything. I asked him a few times, and he told me no, the bedroom is too warm, he'll be fine, I should keep the blankets, etc.

Just a little while ago, I went in to our bedroom to get something, and John was curled up asleep... under his bathrobe.

I went and got him the quilt and tucked him in. I love my goofus.
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I am a klutz. This is obvious to anyone who knows me for more than 0.0005 seconds. I have tripped over lines in the sidewalk, sprained my ankle falling off my own shoe, burnt my hand on the element inside the toaster oven, and just this morning I collided with a very pointy acrylic book display. I am a walking disaster.

But I pale in comparison to my wonderful, but jeopardy-friendly, husband. Here's what he just said to me.

Him: I am very talented.
Me: Yes you are. What did you do that was so wonderful?
Him: I am the only person who could be working at a worktable with not one, not two, but four knives... and cut myself open on the lid of a cat food can.
Me: You are a god among men, honey. And I am so blogging this.

For the record, he has also:
  • Been hit by a car "five or six" times*,
  • Ended up in the ER after walking though a glass door,
  • Broken the same elbow twice by falling on the ice,
  • Been clotheslined across the throat by barbed wire,
  • Slipped down ice-covered stairs and concussed himself on a concrete slab,
  • Had a second-degree sunburn,
  • Had a stick shoved (far) up his nose while playing hide-and-seek,
  • Been stung by a nest of hornets.



Feb. 14th, 2008 10:27 pm
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My husband is the morning news guy for a local radio station, and this is what I heard after the 7:00 news this morning:

"One of the great things about this job is being able to do stuff like this: I want to wish my wife a happy Valentine's Day!"

The two hosts went "Awwwww!" (His co-workers think we're very cute. ETA: We so are.)

Happy Valentine's day to you, too, hon!

(It's a little late in the day, but that's OK, he's already in bed. He wakes up at 2:45am for work, and I worked this evening, so we're doing V-Day tomorrow!)


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