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I was hanging out at my friend's table in the dealer room and I heard NEIL GAIMAN was coming and I ran to my hotel and grabbed my books and ran back and I was all out of breath and fangirly and he signed The Graveyard Book and drew a tombstone with my name in it and he's totally nice and I am all hopped up on squee liek WOAH!!!1!1

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I'm posting this from my Wii!

I probably won't do this very often, I'm just doing it now because I can.

(Whew, that took a long time with the remote! I wonder if there's a Wii-compatible keyboard available?)


Nov. 21st, 2008 12:08 am
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John and I got a Wii today! It's our Christmas present to each other, and we're naughty children, so we opened it early.

I can't get over how much fun it is! I even love playing the sports games. The boxing is a lot more fun than I thought it would be, and I am way better at fake bowling than I am at real bowling.

We got some starter games, too: Super Mario Galaxy and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. I also got John a game where he can kill zombies, although who am I kidding? I'll totally play that one, too. But I am trying to keep that one a secret, because it's a Christmas gift. I want to package it with the gun attachment for extra zombie killage.

This is the first video game console either of us have had in years. I haven't had one since I lived in Winnipeg with my boyfriend and his roommate, which was 10 years ago now. We want to get the WiiFit, but it seems like just about everyone else on the planet wants one, too, so I might have to wait for that. We also might get the Rock Band kit with the drums.

What are some Wii games you could recommend? Which ones should I avoid at all costs?

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^^^ See that guy there in the left corner? That's Sir Paul!

It's this way, baby, yeah! )
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And also: Aaarrrgghhhh!!!!!!
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This morning, I finally had my allergy test. Guess what I'm allergic to? You'll never guess. I'm allergic to NOTHING. Nothing at all. At least, nothing they tested for, which was a lot. (Horses? They test for that?)

I don't get it. If I'm not allergic to anything, and I don't have sinusitis, then what the hell is causing the skull-crushing pain, the feeling that someone has punched me in the face, the pressure in my head and the constant congestion? WHAT THE HELL?

In other news, I had my hair re-reddened today. I decided to go with something more dramatic, now that I'm used to being a redhead. Last time it was Leeloo Dallas Multipass Orange (which faded to strawberry blonde), and today it's... Red. Like, Sangria-coloured. Like OMG!RED. I expect it will fade, but the hairdresser did say that it won't fade as much as last time. I like it, but it's still such a shock!

I really shouldn't be posting right now. My OMG!RED hair and I have got to study for a government French exam. I entered a job contest to have my name put in the running for any Government of Quebec public relations jobs that may come up. They need Anglophones, which is good news for me, but I still need to pass that exam. It's a two-hour multiple choice exam, followed by a two-hour essay, and it's TOMORROW, and I am so not as prepared as I want to be.

ETA: A picture of my hair, requested by the lovely [ profile] laeb.


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